Trend Alert: Alex and Ani Bangles

From Rhode Island comes one of the hottest trends from this Holiday season. The Alex and Ani bangles (which are sold-out at Nordstroms throughout the state), are unique, chic, and eco-friendly. The beauty and individuality of the designs are truly unequaled, and contain a deeper, more spiritual essence that are meant to uplift sprits and inspire those who wear them. Each design comes with a card that explains the sign and meaning of the piece to explain the significance of its rich nature. These beautiful bangles come in a variety of styles in gold and silver, and feature an expandable wire to fit all wrist sized. Visit for more information

Star of Venus
"The jewel of the sky reigns as the supreme goddess of love and beauty. Born in the sea and the sky she serves as inspiration of many great works of art. Venus inspires people to love one another and is associated with the rites of spring and fertility"
"Indicates the creation beginning with sound. Its the first breath of creation, the vibration that ensures existence. It signifies God, creation and the One-ness of all symbol of the absolute. The tree sounds of Om represent the walking, the dream, and deep sleep states. The silence that surrounds the Om represents the turiya state, the state of pure consciousness or the experience of ultimate reality and truth."
Eye of Horus
"The right eye of the Egyptian God, Horus is the symbol of the sun ad the sun god Ra. It represents masculine energy, solar power and reason. Bearers of the Eye of Horus believe it to have healing properties and power of protection."

Tree of Life
"Represents growth, love, life and strength." Also, 10% of each sale with be donated to the African Rainforest Conservatory.

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