Katy Perry For British Esquire

Katy Perry looks flawless as the cover-girl for the August issue of Esquire Britian as she rocks a pair of gold-accented Charlotte Olympia ankle boots that retail for $1,481.58 on Shoerazzi.com. Here are some highlights from the interview with the future Mrs. Brand,

On their first date:

"I was 25, 30 feet away from him. And I threw the bottle straight at him: hit him smack dab on the head. Can you imagine the horrible feeling he had, when he was used to getting everything he wanted? I was like, 'You've met your match, motherf***er.'

On Russell Brand's bed-hopping:

"He used to basically be a professional prostitute -- now he's not. So he's an extremist which can be both good and bad. I always needed someone stronger than me. And I am, like, a f***ing strong elephant of a women. I say that hopefully in the humblest way I can."

On being as much of a diva as her future husband:

"I'm like, 'Oh my God, I am you. You are me.' Two divas in one house. It's like splitting the atom: it shouldn't happen."

source: Esquire

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