How To Dress Like...

Almost Famous

  1. Forever 21 Bohemian Stitch Crop Top

  2. Urban Outfitters Modern Boho Bib Necklace

  3. Ray Ban Aviator Small Metal Glasses

  4. Instyle Suede Fringe Skirt

  5. Alexis Bitter Set of Three Bangles

  6. Juicy Couture Multi Flower Hoop Earrings

  7. Old Navy Faux Leather Knee High Boots

  8. Deepa Gurnani Haarband Mesh Gold

  9. Lucky Brand Embroidered Leather Zip Clutch

The Virgin Suicides

  1. Topshop Petetie Bloom Sundress
  2. Yves Saint Laurent Ombres QUalrilumieres 4 Clour Harmony
  3. Topshop Fabric Dome Studs
  4. Gabbie Mademoiselle Edited Vintage Flower
  5. Youheshe Flad Tovarvet Ruskinds Sandal
  6. Topshop 3 Pack Pastel Flower Hair Clips
  7. Dorothy Perkins Plastic Alice Headband Set
  8. Bella Sugar Pastel Product Nail Loverly Lacquer

Confessions of Shopoholic

  1. Debenhams Black & White Dogtooth Coat
  2. Teen Vogue Turquoise Mittens
  3. Misselfridge Pink Rose Ring
  4. Mossimo Supply Co. Check Clutch Waller
  5. Amrita Singh Sunset Earrings
  6. Leavenworth Dress
  7. Steve Madden Regaal Heel
  8. Vivre Croc Insert Buckle and Belt

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

  1. Assorted Vintage Dress
  2. Kate Spade Small Square Stud Earrings
  3. Shelley Beach Nude Gladiator Sandal
  4. Anthony Peto Fedora
  5. Misselfridge Floral Bangle
  6. Topshop Two Buckle Sandal
  7. Net-A-Porter Peanut Pendant Necklace

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