Nautical for New Years

Harper's Bazaar
is sailor-stylish in their December issue spread. Keeping it simple with bold solid colors, and splashes of patterns and prints make the look the, "New Nautical". Get the look below:

1. Jaeger Bow Matelot Crepe Dress
2. Topshop Gold Piping Shoe Boot
3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Kaleidoscope Top
4. Dooney & Bourke Horizon Stripe Vicotria Tote
5. Prova for Co-op Miama Stripe San Scarf
6. Moschino Virgin Wool Skirt
7. LpCollection Braided Waist Belt
8. Kate Spade Senora Shell Necklace
9. Temple St. Claire Planet Earrings
10. Miss Selfridge Ribbon through Chain Bangle

source: bazaar

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