Emmy Rossum Covers 2 Magazine

Emmy Rossum looks wonderful in Jason Wu in her recent spread and cover in 2 Magazine. The 23-year-old "Phantom of the Opera" star is an accomplish Opera singer, passing her audition at the Metropolitan Opera in NYC when she was seven and performing in over 20 Operas in six different languages at the Lincoln Center before she started her acting career. Here's what Emmy told 2:

On her love for singing: “As an actor, you learn about yourself and other people through the exploration of your characters, but it’s not entirely yourself. So it’s really beautiful and cathartic to have the ability to write your own songs and speak from your own heart about things that are important to you.”

On taking time off between projects:“I don’t work constantly. I think that can get you into a pattern going from set to set where you don’t have time for self reflection and to be a real person or enjoy life. And if you don’t enjoy your life and your friends, I don’t know how you can be an artist who’s at all effective or in touch with reality.”

On how she stays sane: “I play with my Yorkie and my Chihuahua. I also dance and try to take ballet every day.”

source: imbd & 2 magazine

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