Jennifer Aniston Needs to Pick New Movies

The very public love life of Jennifer Aniston has been making tabloids since her divorce from Brad Pitt. Since then Aniston's gone through several failed relationship with John Mayor, Vince Vaugn, Paul Sculfor, Bradley Cooper and recent flame Gerard Bulter. However, it seems that Jen keeps picking movies where she either gets played, dumped, is the victim or just has awful embarrassing relationships! Check out this list of movies, post break up with Brad!
-The Break Up: Girls feel neglected by her boyfriend; they break up but have to live together in the same apartment. They never get back together.
-He's Just Not That Into You: girl is dating boy for 7- years and he refuses to marry her!
-Love Happens: a widower teacher falls for his student (Aniston) but his relationship with her makes his realize he's not over his wife's death yet.

Girl chose some powerful movies for youself!

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