Stylish in Sequins

There are a million ways to do sequins the wrong way...but even more ways to do them the right way!! Sequins can make any girl look and feel like a million bucks! Sometimes it's hard to find chic sequins without them being skany; so we found them for you. Some great sequin basics that should belong in your closet.


Paul & Joe Wiviana Sequined Mini Dress $610.00

Flame Sequin Cropped Top $135.00


Antik Batik Wallace Sequined Blazer $491.00

Zip Back Sequin Bodycon Dress

If you need more inspiration check out some of Hollywood's hottest celebs looking nothing but stylish in sequin pieces. And if you were wondering about some notorious sequin setbacks, check out these celebs who just didn't get (don't be one of them)!

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